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Tommy G Who is Tommy G?

TommY G “Is Syill the Man!” haha. He is a very multi-talented artist, who is striving to ensure real music doesn’t die. You will find that my music runs from hip-hop for the men, r&b for the ladies, soca for my fellow islanders. Shoot, I’ll even throw some techno in there to keep all my fans happy. And remember I said my fans, not only my boys from the block!!

What got you into hip hop and what made you want to make it a career?

Making music was always a hobby it was never intended to be a career. Music is something I enjoy doing and I would do it regardless if there were any money involved.

When I performed my song “Girl Go ‘Head” in high school and saw the crazy reaction of the crowd, a music career was still only in my distant thoughts. That summer, my older cousin started promoting me out of town and I started performing across Canada and in the US. After seeing appreciation from the crowd I finally realized that this is something I could really do.

Who or what do you draw your inspiration from?

I have been doing music for years. I draw inspiration from my life experiences, and the life experiences of those close to me and mine; the struggles in my early life to my present day in the lime light.

What separates you from other emcees?

Firstly, I’m not an emcee – I am the total package. Lyricist, Rapper, Singer (somewhat) but mostly, I am an Entertainer. My music is not only created as therapy for myself, but I write so my fans have something to relate to. My music is for my fans.

Your last mixtape “put the money in the bag” has been out for a few years now. What was the response like and how are you using that for your next release?

It’s been out for what, four years now. Look at my fan base, it speaks mountains in and of itself. 21,000 copies. My street team was heavy and my fans are loyal. You have no idea how many phone calls and emails I have received requesting the album and new mixtape in the past years. Pre-orders for albums I haven’t even recorded yet!

Tell us a bit about the new mixtape you have got coming out at the end of the month [October 2008].

The new mixtape is the warm up of what’s to come –the title alone says it, it’s the prequel. Like I said before, my fans have been getting at me since I released the first one. “$ in the bag 2 – The Prequel” is a gift to my fans. After months of deliberation with members of the Cardigan Gang, we finally decided on the 11 songs on there, 9 of them original. We have productions from Neo Tempus, T. Williams, Josh Bartley (U.K.) and more. I’m international baby!

Where do you go from there? Anything else in the works

Currently I am working with producers in Australia and the UK. First quarter next year the actual mixtape is coming out. Look out for the videos for EVERY song on “The Prequel” –just 'cause our budget can afford it…real jewels, real gold, real money, real productions dawg… we don’t front we show you our back…cause you other dudes are far behind me! Look out for “Grenada vs. Grenada” Tommy G vs. Dylon Dillanger. Girls Gone Wild tour and the Passa Passa circuit worldwide – watch out for it in a city near you! For all you ladies look out for the “TommY G.” calendar coming out in December- so you can start your day with me everyday 2009. Matter a fact….check out my website…there is always new additions to my schedule on a daily basis.

Where can people check for your music?

Ask your girlfriend about me! Haha… na nah …. Anyone who wants to see what’s new with me you can check myspace: and for more music, where I’m going to be performing at and the online store [opening soon] check For bookings you can email Emma P ( through my website or call SoulVibes at (416) 654 6488.

Anything else you would like to say?

To all the readers, go get yourself a copy of the “$ in the bag 2: The Prequel” so you know what’s coming in 2009! I would like to thank everyone I worked with on this mixtape, all my supporters who come out to the shows and all my fans who listen to my music. Look out for the Black City cd “Dark Days” that’ll be out in a minute – shout out Black City. Big up to the whole SoulVibe staff ; Cardigang – we getting that retirement money, and a final shoutout to the Anime Boyz.
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