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Mulatto Patriot First thing's first, introduce yourself to our readers.

What up Canada my name is Mulatto Patriot and I am a Producer/Engineer from Chicago. I first fell in love with hip-hop in the early 90s and I decided to pursue a career with it around 2002. My favorite old school albums are Common's "Resurrection," De La Soul's "Stakes is High," and "Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde." I graduated from Full Sail with a degree in recording engineering, came back to Chicago and became a mentor in the R.E.A.L. Youth Program ( I did the 9 to 5, 5 to 9 thing for some years. I ended up in the hospital from a ruptured appendix that took me 7 months to fully recover from and 16 months after that I dropped Sonic Visuals.

Who or what are your biggest influences on your music?

God, family, friends and Chicago are the most significant influences in my music. Specifically my father, he is a professional pianist that introduced me to live production at an early age. For his big Saturday night gigs I would accompany him early in the morning to set-up the gear. My cousin H-Bom introduced me to the art of vinyl. He used to DJ at clubs and parties in Chicago and we got it in late nights making mix tapes until the break of dawn. Native Tongues gave me the inspiration to do music independently.

Chicago has become more widely known in hip hop circles in recent years, what is the scene like there, and who are some artists to check for?

The Chicago scene is like any other, we have a lot of great independent artist that put out phenomenal albums that really only need a "machine" behind them to give that undeniable push that forever has sold albums based on peer pressure. The Chicago artists to definitely check for are Pugs Atoms, who recently has done work with DJ Vadim; Sadat X and KRS-1; Rashid Hadee, who produced "Dreams" for Little Brother on the Getback album; Primeridian, who has a smooth track with Uncle Imani from the Pharcyde on their album Da Mornin' Afta; Wes Restless, The Gent$ and a bright young new-comer Fable.

Sonic VisualsYour album, Sonic Visuals, came out in October 2008, what can you tell us about that?

Sonic Visuals features 20 Artist from six cities (worldwide) that spit over 18 of my banging beats. Notable features are Ras Kass, Casual (Hieroglyphics), Pumpkinhead (Brooklyn Academy), and of course one of Canada's great MCs Eternia. I feel Sonic Visuals is a very diverse sounding album because it has lounge tracks, battle tracks, hi-intensity tracks, and even a house track. I feel there is something for everyone in this album.

What has the response been like so far?

Ever since the album dropped I have been getting many great responses. Last October Sonic Visuals was put in Vapors Magazine "Yo Mama's Top 10" next to Madlib's WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip and DJ Muggs and Planet Asia's Pain Language. The track "Showtime (1 Down, 1 ta GO)" won a NY promoters unsigned artist contest. "Cadillac Vinyl" has made it into the top ten of many college radio charts and it was featured on Hertz 87.9, a German radio station, has had "Everybodys Crazy" in rotation since late November and at its peek it was aired at over 10 times in a week.

Our readers will recognize the name Eternia on "International Connection." How did that collaboration come to be?

I was talking to my good friend pickle over some food and couple of drinks and we were discussing what other artist would be good for the album and he suggested Eternia. He said he met her in a session and that she was a really cool chick that could spit her ass off. I proceeded to check her music out and then I hit her up.

What's next for yourself?

Coming in February will be another video from the album, "The General" Featuring Pugs Atomz. The next main project I am putting together is Sonic Visuals 2: The Remixes. I am reaching out to all the producers I know to remix their favorite track from the album. Coming up after that I plan to drop an album for the ladies filled with a lot of fast paced dance music. Then back to D.I.T.C. for a sophomore release to Sonic Visuals. On the engineering side, right now the most notable album I am mixing down is Pugs Atomz' Rooftop and finally the next project in the works to remix is of The Animate Objects EP, Dubs, Grunts and Things.

Where can people check for your music?

Anything else that you'd like to add?

Sonic Visuals is just the beginning to a plethora of great music coming from Mulatto Patriot Productions.

The album is available for sale on Itunes (worldwide),,, etc…

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