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Cale Sampson Who is Cale Sampson?

Iím an emcee from Toronto, Canada, that has been doing my thing since I was really young. Iím also a man who is just trying to be a good person and contribute something positive to the lives of my family members, friends, and maybe a few others as well.

Why Hip Hop? What was it about the music that made you want to start making it?

When I was growing up, rap music as a whole wasnít as bland and stagnant as it is now. You could really feel this undeniably strong and truthful energy in it and thatís what spoke to me. Thatís what made me want to do my own music. I wanted to spread that same raw human energy, that I heard in rap music, to others because I believed it was empowering and real and I believed that a lot of people could benefit from experiencing it.

Who or what inspires you to do what you do?

Iíll tell you what motivates and inspires me to do what I do. In my heart, I know that I have achieved and experienced things that many people will not experience. Iíve had the opportunity to travel to places I would have never gone to, and meet tons of people I would have never met, if it wasnít for music. Iíve been able to connect with hundreds of strangers because of music. Itís inspiring when someone hits me up on email, or stops me in the street, to tell me that one of my songs really touched them and that they appreciate it. To me thatís what making music is all about and thatís how I know that Iím contributing something real to those who are listening.

What are your thoughts on hip hop in Canada and in Toronto, specifically?

I think Canada has some world class talent and the quality of the music is getting better and better. Unfortunately, hip hop is not supported by the industry in Canada and people only seem to catch on once youíve travelled to other countries and become successful somewhere else.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and one of the most multi-cultural places in the world so thereís a whole bunch of different styles that develop here. I have always been a fan of our scene and Iím really proud to be a part of it. There is nothing more that Iíd love to see than for Toronto to get put on the map.

Cale SampsonYour solo debut album. What can you tell us about that?

I can tell you that itís the album that I always wanted to make and Iím very proud of it. I feel that I have made the most honest music that Iím capable of and now Iím trying my absolute hardest to get it out there to the world. No matter what happens, whether I sell 1000 units or 50,000 units, itís largely beyond my control. I feel that I have accomplished a major goal in my life and thatís what matters the most to me. I have succeeded with what I originally set out to do.

What can the listener expect to hear compared to your past work with Rhythmicru?

They will hear growth, maturity, and a lot more diversity. Thatís one of the challenges of making a solo album, you have to be able to cover a large range of subject matter and explore a wider realm of human emotion. The album is very balanced and it shows all the different sides of me. I have positive songs, angry songs, and serious songs and I feel that thereís something for everyone to relate to on it.

What are the differences in working on a solo album compared with working on a group effort?

Being in a group is great, especially one like Rhythmicru thatís been operating for over 5 years. Itís sort of like a brotherhood, sports team mentality. You get to create music with your friends, travel together, and basically live out your mutual goals together.

Cale SampsonBeing a solo act is also great and Iím fortunate that Iím able to do both. From a writing perspective, my process is very isolated and personal. I prefer to be by myself so I can get my thoughts together and really focus on how Iím going to make each song really unique. My end goal is always something very specific & sometimes when youíre trying to achieve something so particular it just canít be accomplished in a group environment.

Where can people check for your music?

The album is now available in all HMV Stores across Canada (but you will have to request it). You can also purchase it online from Itunes or at my website

Is there anything that youíd like to add?

Thank you to everyone who has ever shown love and supported me. I feel like all of this hard work has paid off and all of the sacrifices along the way have definitely been worth it. Nothing is guaranteed in life, including how long Iíll be doing this for, so I feel blessed to be in a state of mind right now where I have absolutely no regrets.
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