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Suni Clay SUNI CLAY. Learn the name.

When it comes to describing rappers, I'm sure we've heard it all before. I'm the greatest, I have the hottest girls, my watch got bling, and when you hear their flow and production, they lack, the girls are fat, and the diamonds are forgazee (fake).

SUNI CLAY's for real. And if SUNI said it, than it's so.

From the beginning, SUNI has always been about truth. In this country, continental hustlers like SUNI CLAY are myths or just urban legends. His subtle and silent image, persona, and charisma reflect this the minute he enters the room and after going on a little "hiatus", SUNI is now back to permanently change the face of the hip-hop industry.

Since the release of his first video in 2002 "Throw It Up", SUNI CLAY has been keeping quiet while preparing for his new project "DON'T FAST FORWARD" and subsequently signing a record deal with KICK ASS RECORDS. SUNI' video for "Throw It Up" was directed by Rob Elsworthy and received play on MuchMusic.

SUNI CLAY' upcoming album, DON'T FAST FORWARD, is being produced by RUDE (formally 2Rude) and MARCUS KANE as well as other top notch producers and engineers and mastered at Metalworks by Richard Chycki. The album is currently being recorded in Toronto, Canada at Moonraker Studios and The Hive and will be released on the KICK ASS RECORDS label, which is distributed by D.E.P. Distribution. SUNI CLAY will be touring Canada extensively to promote DON'T FAST FORWARD in the spring/summer/fall of 2004.

The first single "MY HOOD" has guarantee hit written all over it. Produced by Marcus Kane this Hip-Hop Gangsta/Rock track will see major rotations in the basements of every hood to major urban and rock radio outlets across the globe.

SUNI' no fad. He's going to be here a long time so get use to the name.

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