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Rich London Born Richard Davidson, he chose the new MC name of “Rich London” to allow the memory of his deceased uncle live on. Rich London was a man who believed strongly in family, so much so that he lost his life protecting them against a home invasion. He taught many valuable lessons, and through these teachings the artist “Rich London” became a natural leader, and a known member in his Hip Hop community. Hip Hop has always been a part of him, and coincidently has been what sets him apart from others. Since the third grade Rich London has engaged in schoolyard B-boy battles and in high school he turned his attention to two turntables and a mic. He was always involved. Being surrounded by the fast-growing urban culture has had much to do with his participation in music for over ten years. He has never turned down an opportunity to display his talent, and this paired with a determination to shine has allowed him to grace the stage at landmark venues in Toronto. Performing in places such as The Air Canada Centre, The Guvemment, The Docks, and at other spots throughout New York, Miami and Cleveland; Rich London has had the opportunity to open for artists such as Mobb Deep, Raekwon and The Clipse. He has also been able to share his genuine skills with more people than he ever thought would listen. You see, as DJ Juice, Rich London excelled at motivating the crowd and his chemistry with them encouraged him to step out of the booth, and onto the stage, where he began to give the crowd a dose of reality they were never prepared for. This began the career of Rich London: the MC who spits effortless bars of nostalgic flows.

Spitting real thoughts, ideas and opinions comes easily for this born and raised Toronto native. Rich London possesses a natural ability to clearly express his views about anything, through hyme. With all the commercialized-for-capital style Hip Hop that hits these streets nowadays, Rich London's undiluted, unprocessed freestyles should be considered a breath of fresh air. DJs, producers, artists and critics have embraced him around the world: from across the US, Caribbean, France, Italy, Austria, UK and even Japan and Croatia. With his first commercial release SIDE TO SIDE, Rich London has created a record and video for the mainstream audience recognition. MTV Canada, Much Music and other video stations and shows across the world have spun his video. The video is the brainchild of Rich London and Director Erica Shallow: a young director with ambition and creativity. With his new single LETS CHILL already hitting airwaves , and selected for the FLow Urban Compilation CD, the anticipation increases for a full length release, which is currently scheduled for spring of 2006.

When asked what separates him from the rest, and what his style and message is, he states “My style is not practiced. I listen to everything…I have no boundaries in music. I listen to Sam Cook… I’ve lived in so many places and my style is a combination of all of those places. I want people to get into my song like a conversation, I am telling stories people can relate to. My message is stop pretending on something unless you want the people to know you’re pretending. I want them to know this kid is all around, I want people to argue about what my style is. People say that you can’t be this and you can’t be that, but my style can be anything I want it to be!”

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