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Mr. Roam Mr. Roam relies on the basics. His natural ability and distinct charisma are conveyed by a smooth, textured voice and effortless flow. Musically, his production sticks to the same principles. Infectious melodies and stripped down bass and drum combinations provide Roam with an organic sound that acts as more of a partner than a backdrop to his clever wordplay and flirtatious rhymes.

Roam a.k.a Roam Love, emerged on the Toronto hip-hop scene in the early 90's with the formation of Groove-A-Lot Records. His first independent release, "Price of Livin'" was featured on two highly acclaimed compilations: Super Rappin' (Groove Attack Import) and Da Grassroots' Passage Through Time (Conception). Roam followed up this release with "Bump!" the lead single off Mastermind's Volume 50: Street Legal (Virgin). "BUMP!" also featured fellow Toronto emcee Choclair and quickly landed heavy rotation on both college and commercial radio stations, as well as video play on Much Music.

A consummate artist, Roam's repertoire includes production, writing, and composing. These talents have led him to work with Da Grassroots, RedLife, Grasshopper, Ghetto Concept, and Saukrates. Roam's live show is a testament to his smooth confidence and infectious energy. Audiences often connect immediately with Roam's stage presence and quickly find them selves singing along with songs they're hearing for the first time.

The recently released EP Tom Strokes Presents The Classix acts as discography of what Roam has cooked up in the past, while also serving as an appetizer for his upcoming album, Mean Food. Both are being released under his label with long time friend and producer Mr.Attic of Da Grassroots, who handles much of the production duties. Attic's trademark, highly sought after production perfectly compliments Roam's signature style. Their chemistry is undeniable both on record and on stage, where they often interact with each other during and between songs.

Look out for a 12" Single from Mr.Roam slated for a spring release, as well as the upcoming Mean Food album on Choice Cut Records. Tom Strokes Presents The Classix is currently available at finer music outlets near you.
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