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Dan-E-O JUNE 10, 1977: A star is born? Well, more specifically, a genuine music lover named Daniel Eduardo Faraldo enters the world via Toronto, Canada. Not by coincidence, Daniel would share his formative years with a soon-to-be-popular Bronx, New York based newborn: hip-hop. Exactly ten years later, the two would meet and become best friends. Daniel would soon adopt the persona DAN-E-O (an abbreviation of his first, middle and last name) and a beautiful relationship would commence.

MAY 3, 1991: Approaching his fourteenth birthday, DAN-E-O embarks on his first ever attempt to publicly showcase his lyrical talent. Producers of a local dance party program called "Electric Circus" have chosen ten finalists from over one hundred entries to perform at The Copa nightclub for a chance to perform on the show the following day. DAN-E-O, so confident that he labels his cassette "trust me, this is the winner", steps on stage to face the noticeably older and skeptical crowd. After belting out a fierce onslaught of lyrics from a song entitled "Can't Test Me". DAN-E-O proves the validity of the tracks's title and goes on to win the contest that would officially begin his quest for success in the music industry.

NOVMEBER 5, 1996: Finally! Nine years, three managers and two crews later, DAN-E-O succeeds in releasing his first single entitled "Dear Hip Hop". An appropriate ode to the music and culture he so dearly loves, the song is featured on Beat Factory's RapEssentials Volume One compilation album. A magnet for widespread adoration and appreciation for its compelling lyrics and authenticity, "Dear Hip Hop" helps DAN-E-O find a home in the music world. As part of a nationwide tour to promote the album, DAN-E-O is made more aware of his calling. He is accepted as a prominent Canadian rap artist, an undeniably talented linguist bound to change the face of hip-hop forever.

MARCH 24, 1998: DAN-E-O, along with fourteen of his closest and most talented friends who together would be (well) known as MONOLITH, makes it happen! Epitomizing independence, dedication and utter devotion, DAN-E-O helps to manufacture "The Long Awaited..." EP. Distributed by ONE ROCK RECORDS, the label that he himself is the president of , the cassette and follow-up 12" single would become an underground Canadian classic. Featuring the video-accompanied tracks "At The T.O.P." and "Plan Eh", "The Long Awaited..." EP is DAN-E-O's first taste of reaping the benefits of his hard work.

FEBRUARY 8, 2000: The day that DAN-E-O has waited for his entire life. Funded completely his own pockets thanks to various part-time jobs, DAN-E-O's debut album THE BOOK OF DANIEL, is released. "There were days that I thought this would never happen", admits DAN-E-O, "but I truly believe that God has blessed me with the gift of articulation. He has also given me a place within the hip-hop culture, so I consider it my duty to use my gifts to give to others". And how! The 18-track, 70 minute plus LP is a perfect display of the matured, witty and intricate rapper that DAN-E-O has become. Considered to be the chapters of his life story, each song on THE BOOK OF DANIEL, is made "with the intent to provoke some thought, to change a lot of the negativity that exists. Whether it be wack lyrics or poor treatment of your fellow brothers and sisters". Among these songs are the three that made up DAN-E-O's debut 12" triple released this past October. "Revenge", "Margerine" and the powerful and innovative "Corrida De Toros".
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