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Aspektz "A strong grind from a strong mind"

Combining credibility, wit, intelligence and commercial appeal into a polished package, Aspektz has positioned himself as a trend-setting artist that thrives on success. Born December 9 th in 1985, he was exposed constantly to a wide spectrum of music through his sonically oriented family. With a craving to witness live performances, Aspektz became mesmerized by those who could control a crowd.

Aspektz has committed himself to representing the urban scene within Canada as one with poise and dignity. Branching off from his crew (True Thorobredz) to deliver a solo LP, he has already begun to attack the radio with addictive hits and insightful lyrics. Working exclusively with artists of substance, fans can expect nothing short of ferocity on every track.

Aiming his sights ouside of Canada, the young Thorobred is poised to make a splash in the American market with his debut album, Academic Probation. Combining production from top-shelf heavyweights as well as obscure unknowns, all Aspektz of the urban industry are on lock.

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