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A-GAME consists of two twin brothers age 18. These two men took up the interest of doing music at the young age of 13. Their soulful music separates them from the average teenage artists and has grabbed the attention of many from old to young.

Only releasing their EP (The World Is Yours) earlier last year, they've became very successful in a short period of time. They've sold over 800 units of their album straight from their knapsacks and also with the help and support of their family and friends. You can also purchase their EP on

After that success they released their single The World Is Yours on Flow 93.5 which was said on air to be the most text messaged requested song on that rotation. These boys didn't stop there! They continued to rock the ears of Toronto at a few events such as The Toronto Spring Bling and a few other small venues.
A-GAME has TAG teamed with other artists in Toronto such as Vinny Diablo and Luu Breeze. They will also have a special guest, which you will be left in anticipation until they release their upcoming mix tape Running on Time which should drop late fall.

Rommel and Robert Hinds-Grannum known as Nova and Chase were born on November 2nd 1988 in Scarborough. Ontario. Nova and Chase have become two young inspiring artist from Toronto.  At a very young age Nova and Chase took up an interest in writing their own music and rapping, allowing themselves to form a rap group in Elementary School. When Nova and Chase entered High School they then joined forces with a few other artists, creating the framework for creative music and unique styles of beats. Nova and Chase have began their journey to becoming successful artists from their early days, coming from a music oriented family. Growing up various genres of music was played throughout the entire house from the soulful ballads of the Temptations to The Supremes, also having individuals in the family who sang in the church choir.

In December 2006 A-Game released their first EP entitled "The World Is Yours". Selling over 800 units of their CD in the first week. A-Game could not have reached this goal without the assistance and support of family and friends, selling cds straight out of their backpacks and trunks of the cars. A-Game has accredited much of their success to their older sister Ashley Hinds- Grannum (Manager), Natasha Hinds their Publicist, THE A-GAME MOVEMENT/T.A.G. as well as Josie (Head Management).

"Nova" meaning a rising star and "Chase" something desired. The road to stardom for A-Game was not as glamorous as one would believe facing many disappointments and letdowns. From being turned down by record labels saying they were not ready for the industry or by having people leave abruptly during a critical point of production. Despite all this confusion A-Game has not allowed these circumstances to slow them down one bit but given them the drive to continue their pursuit of a childhood dream. Nova and Chase have worked with many artists,producers and people in the music industry such as Maximus Entertainment whom manage artists such as J Diggz and Melanie Durrant! Also with producers like Boi 1da, Tone Masons, Chef and Chris Childz producers formerly under Supa Friends and 2ceee from presidential beatz, as well as Frank Dukes. A-Game will soon be working with Spinz, Aliby, and Soundsmith. A-GAME produces a certain sound the draws the attention of many artists that in the past have enjoyed doing collabos with them...Vinny Diablo,Luu Breeze, Jus Nice, Dabree and Ransom from desert storm.

Being immersed by music these two young men developed a real passion for hip hop music. A- Game is an independent, multi-talented duo co-producing many of their beats to writing their own lyrics. A-Game has become extremely recognized and accomplished in only a short period of time, many have said that "We believe A-Game will be a new era of hip hop not only in Toronto but worldwide". Congratulations to A-Game and the many more years of Success.

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